TURBO: exam + prep course + 1 on 1 classes

TURBO: exam + prep course + 1 on 1 classes

A simple exam with full preparation! Choose an exam tailored to your role in the cockpit, trusted by over 3,500 pilots. Benefit from 75 self-study lessons divided into level 4 and 5/6 preparation. Train yourself with over 50 audio exercises with authentic ATC and ATIS recordings from around the world, grammar repetition with exercises and special vocabulary section.

Enjoy the ease of self study, while being taken care of by one of our pilot-tutors during 180 mins of 1 on 1 classes (3×60 mins meetings).

Watch the video below the discover all features of the course!

The package includes access to the course for 3 months. In addition, an exam guide showing you how not to fall into the snares set by the examiner and three 60-minute meetings with the instructor-pilot (= four 45-minute lessons).

Access counts from the moment of purchase. If you want to start using the course later, during your purchase select the “I’m buying for gift” option and activate the course based on the code you receive, when you are ready to start.



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